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Haas' top given cold shoulder as fashion police raid Flushing Me

Q. Which of these outfits do U.S. Open officials deem too risque to put on on court? HOW far is too far? A shirt without any sleeves, apparently. Figure -hugging catsuite latex , fine. Tight tops revealing tummy muscles, no problem. However , if a bloke shows a bit of bicep - no way.

Germany's Tommy Haas was ordered to pay his upper arms on Wednesday afternoon since the design police raided Flushing Meadows and told the absolutely no.3 seed that what passes the brand new York test for acceptably trendy no longer has enough order - for guys, at least - when it comes to tennis.

Haas stepped onto on the Louis Armstrong Court all in classic tennis white, with the exception that his biceps were bulging rather too obviously inside new ' performance top' designed specifically him.

Cue the intervention of an official, dispatched with the kit cops, to share with Haas to discover a shirt with sleeves. He did, even though safari green top he chose did nothing to succeed the men's game inside the haute couture stakes.

Tinsel Town, the thing is, now has a rival in Catwalk - and even Catsuit - City. For Prada and Gucci, Versace and Nicole Farhi, read Puma and Nike, Anna K and Serena. Although not Tommy. Haas said: 'Basically they said it wasn't appropriate. Specialists them what on earth is appropriate to wear, what's appropriate on the women's tour?

'You see Serena plus some of the ladies wearing tight stuff. It looks good. It brings another thing to the game. The women are most likely in advance of us. 'The shirt is one area I became actually looking towards wearing. Sleeves have annoyed me for a long period. If the sun shines, I would not usually wear a shirt whatsoever during practice.'

So what did Serena, flanked by a bodyguard dressed up in a T- shirt that read 'Models Suck', make of the sartorial discrimination?

After all, her black catsuit, supplemented during Wednesday's make an impression on Dinara Safina by pink wrist and headbands, has installed her because the new design icon for the women's tour. Remember, too, her Cameroon tennis dress at Roland Garros .

Through the front row of her Press conference came questions such as: 'Last year, you attended the fashion shows?

Are you coming this season?' As well as the even more searching: 'Is that it is hard to learn without the tiara?' On Haas' enforced change, Williams said: 'It's not really fair. You have to be creating statements if you want to.

For guys and some women, you need to wear whatever you please. Someone can't let me know what to wear. I dislike it when folks figure out fashion.' In the Serious Design Squad, aka Brian Earley, the U.S. Open tournament referee, came the state basis for Haas' censure.

As the envelope is pushed, customary attire is redefined. I cannot tell you in advance what's going to be acceptable next.' Perhaps not, but acceptance previously surely went beyond where Haas was trying to take tennis kit. A decade ago, Andre Agassi had not only hair, but a line in lurid grunge outfits which were tolerated everywhere except the All England Club. At Wimbledon, he always showed up in pristine white.

As for The big apple, someone, somewhere within the city that never sleeps must have had an inkling of the controversy in the future.

On Wednesday morning, one local paper reprinted a twoyearold photo of Haas posing nude regarding his girlfriend almost daily.

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How would you hang wallpaper?

In recent works, it's no coincidence that limbs and other body parts populate her sculptural habitats. Bourgeois continues to cut. Actually, after years of little recognition, Bourgeois achieved cult status among emerging feminist artists in the '70s with your ex ritualistic sculptural project alternatively titled The Evening Meal or even the Destruction of the Father where she played out her aggression in latex Trousers.

As a rough general guideline, a typical roll of wallpaper will handle about five square metres, however , you might need some more if you have to match patterns.

Although some wallpapers can be obtained unpasted (and, says Ms Rollins, pasting your own personal wallpaper isn't difficult), about 80 percent of residential wallpapers available in Australia already are pasted. These should be soaked in a very trough for between A short period and a minute, depending on the sort of wallpaper, immediately before hanging.

It's important to utilize a plumbline to ensure the wallpaper is hanging straight, regardless of the wall - mark the wall depending on this line about 48 centimetres in one of the corners to guarantee the wallpaper is hung straight.

Along with marking the superior of the wallpaper to be sure you never put it on upside down, Ms Rollins says a key tip to get affordable wallpapering is by using good equipment.

"You need a great, sharp wallpaper cutting knife, a really sharp couple of scissors and a good smoother or perhaps a lay brush," she says.

The lay brush is used to spread the glue and be sure air bubbles are pushed out of your paper because it is applied (people shouldn't panic in the event the air bubbles appear again during drying, because they will naturally flatten out).

While Ms Rollins points too novices could be far better to start their wallpapering in the less important room, she adds: "If you follow every one of the instructions and go carefully, any given strength training adequately do a wallpapering job." -- DAVID ADAMS

Bourgeois displays devastating self awareness.

In an account aimed to shock and inform, as an illustration, she speaks of her first sculptural solution, which came due to her taking white bread, mixed with spit to mould the figure of her father whose limbs she then cut off with a knife. This tantalising story of symbolic castration gives another twist towards the kind of pain Bourgeois is the term for in their art business.

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Jump out in Syaiful

FASHION designer Syaiful Baharim teams sleek pants with silk blouses and even slinky dresses for the classic look.

SLEEK and shiny leather-like pants were once reserved for the Jim Morrison crowd or those who planned to emulate the chic, edgy look of Mary-Kate Olsen but runway exposure along with a little polish make them timeless and classic.

Syaiful Baharim's latest collection features this sassy piece which he pairs perfectly with silk blouses and even latex Underwear for that cool, street sophistication.

This is the fashion vibe that this designer is giving his loyal fans and fashion followers this season. Almost rough but still refined, the ready-to-wear range concentrates on a woman's femininity (via the soft, curvy silhouette) while subtly showing her strong character (over the detailings for example metal grommet, spikes and the like).

It's definitely an assortment that's made with the chic and confident urban woman at heart. That is probably why he's chosen the company's managing director Suraya Malik as his current muse.

"She personifies most women today who are not only wives, mothers and daughters but in addition successful individuals in themselves," he remarked.

Suraya, who's not used to the modelling world, presents a brand new look along with her sultry beauty.

"I'm always in search of different faces so that my creations grab more attention," said Syaiful.

Of his new line, he explained: "I wish to showcase the wearer's strong character while portraying her soft side too. Call it a juxtaposition of persona and emotion through fashion if you want."

He adds that the collection is also about tailoring and texture where the silhouette is sleek and sharp as you move the look is, oh, so ravishing.

"I've also included separates which could go ahead and take wearer from the boardroom on the ballroom without much fuss. The embellishment is definitely enough to dazzle anyone in the daytime and sparkle brightly enough in the evening," he explains.

The 30-piece range is really a complete ready-to-wear line when compared with his previous collections which were more to do with commercial value.

"However, while they're easy-to-wear off-the-peg clothes, the designs have special touches, driving them to truly outstanding and exclusive." Not surprising why it took him 3 months to finish the design work alone.

Though black is dominant in the collection, Syaiful jazzes it with shades of sought-after stones.

Gemstones colours such as sapphire blue, deep amethyst and stunning emerald are matched with solid black, while the accents are sparkling rhinestones and rock-and-roll metal studs - a clashing combination that somehow works together Syaiful's smart touch.

One of many key looks is a purple silk dress having a hood. At the same time mysterious and alluring, this sensational number requires no bling bling or other details for the reason that femme fatale who wears that is already fabulous definitely.

Another version from it also comes in emerald green and cinched by some shiny rhinestones just above the waist.

"The hood is the best design element because it offers a more fashionable option for tudung-clad women," Syaiful notes.

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Like adverts for back-to-school footwear, the reappearance on our bus stops of Jennifer aniston (right) in figure-hugging latex Corsets has turned into a reliable indicator that late the summer time is here. Anyone eagerly anticipating another Tomb Raider or Wanted may initially be disappointed by Salt, which begins in semi-serious fashion. Jolie's eponymous CIA wonk is knocking off for one more day much more walks a Russian defector, spinning a yarn about sleeper agents operating behind American lines - somewhat incredible, it seems, before spy's casual leave-taking outs our heroine as one of the embedded.

Hence dozens of posters asking 'Who is Salt?' For what exactly is Salt, the answer's nearly the twisty-turny contemporary thriller intended, more a protracted striptease-cum-makeover montage. Off come Jolie's heels - too constricting to get a girl busy - swiftly as well as her panties, apparently really the only practical method of foiling the Agency's video cameras. They're replaced by any stray dry-cleaning or military uniform that presents itself. Probably the most pressing national security issue Phillip noyce's film addresses is the place a rogue female agent maintains a presentable change of wardrobe.

It'samagpie work, shuffling items of Bonds and Bournes to suit, the other that got lucky in the united states as the Anna Chapman spy story broke. noyce keeps matters moving, cannily deploying Jolie's pan-sexual, ethnically non-determinate slipperiness: she could - inside field, as in the boudoir - go any which way.

But cartoonish plotting prevails, and by the finale, when one nikolai Turncoatski threatens nuclear annihilation, the film's cover may be blown entirely: all Salt does is run and run, until it meets creative dehydration

"We get letters constantly from fans asking when they can marry her," said Eidos Interactive spokeswoman Tricia Gray. "I'm not kidding. I have to write back and say, 'Hi, I'm Lara Croft's assistant. She's off on an adventure right now but thank you for writing.' "

Those fans aren't alone. In hundreds of devotional Sites, players moistly appraise Croft's beauty, talents and character. In Portugal, a 33-year-old man named Luis Cunha build the Lara Croft Times like a showcase for his Web-site design skills. He's reading good than 2,000 visits each day -- remarkable for a personal web page. "More than her figure, it is the sense of freedom and independence she's that produces her attractive," he opined.

On other, more rabid fan sites, young boys have begun to issue disclaimers, swearing that they're not insane. "I would like to make it clear that i am NOT Fond of A COMPUTER-GENERATED WOMAN, okay?" wrote one youth, whose site contains nothing but Lara action photos.

To generate things stranger, the media are getting to be wild for Croft -- writing long, windy profiles depending on "interviews" (conducted either with Mitra, the actress, or another female Eidos stand-in). The facial skin, a British pop-culture magazine, put her on the cover and dressed her in Gucci-designed swimwear. Esquire conducted an intimate question-and-answer session ("So, tell me, will there be a person in your life?"). The London Independent even looked for Croft to discuss the newest Spice Girls movie.

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Fashion authorities

Fashion designers are forever insisting which they create clothes for all those women, yet their obsession with the fetishistic gear of so-called "scarlet women" occasionally bubbles on the surface. If proof were needed, this season's footwear of preference will be the deliciously kinky thigh-high boot. Following appearance of an set of well-over-the-knee corset boots at her autumn-winter 2008 collection in February in New York, Kit Willow-Podgornik was besieged with orders from around the globe. The seductive numbers soldout with the Willow store in four days.

Bowing to demand, the Sydney designer has produced a summer lace-up corset boot (downsized for hot weather to mid-calf length) that lands in their Paddington boutique soon. "They're a tough girl's summer boot," says Willow-Podgornik, who suggests styling them, not with skin-tight Lycra but a simple jersey dress. "It's about balance," she insists, "and style and magnificence."

An ancient glassmaker, sculptor and furniture designer, Byron Bay's Colin Heaney is but one multitasking artist. In 2006, Heaney turned his attention to silk design and created his Wearable Art Collection, a range of silk kaftans. Employing digital technology and traditional craft techniques, Heaney's latest assortment of kaftans is a riotous blend of intricately layered colours and psychedelic patterns that seem to be not unlike the outlandish numbers George Harrison wore to his meetings using the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

In the risk of sounding new age, the kaftans, according to Heaney, possess a cosmic energy that awakens their wearer's inner goddess. "When women wear them, suddenly they start getting lighter and they float around dancing," he says. Those wanting to interact with their inner divine being should visit Heaney's Byron Bay stockist: Nami, 4/6 Lawson Street, Byron Bay. 6685 8081.

Than ever before when fashion students sent models down the runway swathed in garbage bags and loopy accessories such as toasters on the heads. Nowadays, emerging designers are focusing on functional fashion. But that is not to imply their creations aren't fun.

Last week, an array of students from the Sydney Design Studio presented their end-of-year wares at Carriageworks in Eveleigh. As opposed to luxe silks, the eye-popping evening-wear was built from industrial rubbers, chrome and latex shops.

One of several highlights in the evening was an asparagus-green cocktail frock by second-year student Caroline Fuss, 20. Pursuing the TAFE's brief of developing a gown inspired with a song, Fuss chose Enya's melodic Caribbean Blue and produced an adorable dress with fluid soft lines and panels. Fuss says she's uninterested in monochromatic black. "I'm a really big print and colour person," she says. "I want website visitors to wear colours again."

After she graduates, Fuss aims to be effective in New York before launching her very own label. And should the offers of creative director for Emilio Pucci or Matthew Williamson arise, the budding designer wouldn't say no. Your investment doll-like figures of Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn, fashion designers are fixated with real dolls.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Russian Vogue invited 30 designers, including Giles Deacon and Miuccia Prada, to design a dress for the matryoshka doll, the regular wooden "babooshka" doll that usually comes clad in Russian folk costume. The hand-painted dolls, standing 50 centimetres tall, star in this month's Muscovite magazine.

Barbie, meanwhile, turns 50 the coming year. To mark the iconic doll's birthday, Mattel has collaborated with 50 designers, including Vera Wang and Jeremy Scott, to make life-sized outfits inspired by the doll. The garments will be presented in the runway show in Ny Fashion Week in February. Forever conquering new territory, next year the ambitious blonde will hit Shanghai, having a House of Barbie flagship store opening in China's largest city. Everything proves the length of time a waspish waistline could get someone.


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